Delivery – how it works

Orders received by 10am on Monday will be delivered UK wide on Friday of the same week.

We have a minimum order value of £30.00.  Delivery costs £10 for UK customers or £5 within Edinburgh.

We apologise for having to charge for delivery, but we make a huge effort to make sure all our packaging is recyclable/compostable. Unfortunately this does not come for free! The standard packaging for seafood is polystyrene, but having seen for ourselves the appalling effect this has on the marine environment we have refused to use it from day one. Instead we use recyclable cardboard boxes with a sheep’s wool compostable liner for insulation and recyclable ice packs to keep the box cool. It works! And it is a great step ahead for the environment.

In Edinburgh we still deliver in person, so can reduce our charge to £5 with free delivery for orders over £50.