We will never compromise on our commitment to protect the marine environment

From the start we were the only fishing business to genuinely put ethics and sustainability at the heart of our model. When we started out people told us that it would be impossible to make it work without compromising our ethics, but we have proved them wrong.

From refusing to export to rejecting Styrofoam packaging, for every problem we have found solutions that have enabled us to stay true to our original vision.

Our hand dived and creel caught shellfish has been gathered in a responsible way that does not take too much or destroy the surrounding habitat.

We promise you that we will never sell seafood that has been fished, gathered or farmed in a way that damages our marine environment.

These fishing methods also produce shellfish which has not been damaged and can be selected by hand, so juvenile or undersized individuals can be returned to the sea. There is no waste and no bycatch, unlike the more invasive fishing methods which cause widespread damage to the seabed and surrounding species.

These same ethics are applied to the other produce that we are adding to our offering. Our aim is to provide a range of produce which supports small scale, artisan producers who put ethics, welfare, sustainability and the environment at the centre of what they do.

Dive fishing is the most sustainable fishing method possible

What We Do