We love the sea and we will not exploit it

We don’t need to buy a badge or tick from anyone – in fact sometimes these schemes are just greenwashing. Our mission is to genuinely prioritise the marine environment by supporting the right kind of fishing.

The key to sustainability is looking after the marine environment and ensuring that it is not damaged or overfished. Kind of obvious we think.

Dive fishermen are limited by depth and the length of time they can stay on the seabed, so they will not overfish. Creel fishing is a static fishery – pots or creels are placed on the seabed and shellfish lured in with bait. There is minimal damage to seabed and undersized individuals, females with eggs and bycatch can be returned alive to the sea.

As far as is possible, these are sustainable fishing methods, and as such they command a higher price, meaning that less has to be caught. It is a virtuous circle, which by taking less and protecting habitat will ensure there are stocks left for future generations.

We check that every other product that we sell has been produced on a sustainable model. Our Highland Beef, for example, is reared in small herds on the remote hills of Mull. They are natural browsers and adapted to their environment so require less additional feeding. Our halibut is farmed in containers on land so does not pollute the surrounding marine environment. It is fed on organic fish trimmings so doesn’t detract from the oceanic food chain. These are just two examples, but every single product we sell is subjected to rigorous examination of its ethics and sustainability.

It is possible to run a successful fishing business without compromising on sustainability or ethics

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