Since 2010 we have been dive fishing for scallops from our own boats

Since 2010 we have been dive fishing for scallops from our own boats as well as buying from other small boats in our local area. Dive fishing is the most sustainable fishing method possible, and we carefully grade everything we catch, returning undersized scallops to the sea.

There is no waste or bycatch in our operation

In addition to our own scallops, we also sell other shellfish which has been caught by small boats using responsible fishing methods. In every case we know who the fishermen are, where they are working and what they do. We examine the quality of the shellfish carefully and work with the supplier to check that they are observing regulations.

We will never sell shellfish if we are not 100% happy with the provenance and sustainability.

In March 2020 Coronavirus led to an almost total loss of our restaurant market which led us to turn to something we’d wanted to do for a long time – supplying direct to people at home.

This has turned out to be one of the most rewarding journeys we’ve had in our ten plus years of business. Supplying our shellfish direct to people’s homes and having the chance to see their reactions to our super-fresh high quality shellfish was a huge boost to our morale during a very tricky time.

From chatting to our customers we realised that there was an appetite to see a wider range of produce using the ethical model. At the same time, artisan producers on Mull and elsewhere were keen for us to promote their products.

So we decided to make the leap to becoming ‘The Ethical Shellfish Company – and Friends’. We apply the same high standards of ethics, welfare and provenance to each and every product we select, not to mention quality and amazing taste.

Whether a creel fisherman, a hill farmer, an artisan cheese maker, ethical fish farmer, a forager or a person making chutney in their kitchen; every one of our producers is tirelessly dedicated and hugely proud of what they do. And we are proud to bring them to you.

We are proud to be able to bring you products that aren’t easy to get, and to be supporting small artisan producers from the remote regions of Scotland.

Taking less and protecting habitat will ensure there are stocks left for future generations