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Creel Caught Scottish Langoustine


Our langoustine are caught from small local boats working from Mull and the West Coast of Scotland. A close relative of the lobster, they are amongst the most highly prized shellfish with beautiful sweet white flesh.

Our langoustine are not trawled but sustainably caught in creels, leaving the surrounding habitat undisturbed. They are very feisty shellfish and will take a nip at you with their long front claws if they have a chance! Delicious simply boiled or grilled.

Our langoustine are priced individually.  Two sizes are available – mediums and large.

All effort will be made to supply your shellfish – however as a live catch which is subject to the variables of weather and fishing there may be times when we are obliged to cancel or postpone your order.

Please note our langoustine are supplied alive.

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