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Gigha Smoked Halibut


Halibut is one of the most delicious fish species available in our opinion, but the wild stock is now listed as an endangered species. This presents a problem which has been solved by the industrious Barge family, who have been farming these fish for many years on the island of Gigha. They place a high emphasis on welfare and quality, and unlike other examples of fish farming, reduce the pressure on the marine environment by raising their fish in tanks on land, with water pumped in from the pristine Atlantic. This containment system means that no chemical pollution escapes into the sea and the fish are protected from lice and other predators. Thus there is no need for chemicals and due to the low stocking density mortalities are very low. The fish are hand reared with a certified organic diet using 100% fish trimmings, therefore no pressure is placed on global fish stocks for fish meal. All in all a very positive story and hopefully a model for the future of fish farming.

We have selected the smoked halibut, which is traditionally smoked using oak chips made from whisky barrels from the Kilchoman Distillery on Islay. The combination of quality fresh halibut and whisky barrel smoke makes a truly delicious product, a beautiful addition to your Sunday brunch or pre-dinner treat – truly delicious!

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