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Isle of Mull Half Hogget


We are very excited to introduce our new Isle of Mull Hogget, a delicious and sought after alternative to lamb, sold as a half sheep.

Hogget is the name used for a sheep in its second year which has had an extra spring and summer feeding on grass. It is the preferred choice of many chefs – more tender than mutton, but much more flavoursome than lamb due to its longer time browsing on grass and other herbage.

It is also an ethical meat: raised on Glengorm Estate on the North of Mull, these young blackface sheep have led entirely free-range natural lives. They have had two spring/summers on grass so a longer life and are butchered on a ‘nose to tail’ principle with every part of the animal used.

We are offering half-hoggets – ideal to keep in your freezer using the prime cuts over barbeque season and the rest in roasts, stews and curries. Cuts may vary slightly depending on the size of the animal but the half hogget typically includes the following:

  • 1 whole hogget leg
  • 1 boned rolled shoulder
  • 2 shank steaks
  • 2 diced hogget
  • 2 hogget mince
  • 6 loin chops
  • 6 cutlets