Hand Dived King Scallops


We have been fishing for these beauties for the past 11 years and we still can’t get enough of them! Caught from our own boats or other local dive boats fishing from Mull and its surrounding waters, our scallops are individually picked up by hand, causing no damage to the surrounding marine environment. Any undersized ones are put back into the sea so that they can continue to grow and spawn.

Available either live in shell for maximum freshness or pre-cut for ease and convenience, we guarantee these scallops will be the freshest and sweetest you’ve ever eaten – all the more so because you know they have come at no cost to the environment!

Their sweet taste is best brought out by simple cooking – we love them simply sautéed with a bit of crispy pancetta on the side. Here are a few more of our favourite recipes:

Dive caught scallops our way
Scallops with Stornoway black pudding by Douglas Roberts, Head Chef at the Witchery
Four steps to scallop heaven by J Sheekey of Covent Garden

Scallops are priced individually, and are available whole or shucked in three sizes: medium (approx. 5 per kg), large (approx. 4 per kg) and extra large (approx. 3 per kg).

All effort will be made to supply your shellfish – however as a live catch which is subject to the variables of weather and fishing there may be times when we are obliged to cancel or postpone your order.

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