Isle of Mull Cheddar


Isle of Mull Cheddar is an award-winning traditional artisan farmhouse cheese. It is produced on Sgriob-ruadh farm, just outside the town of Tobermory in North Mull.

The making of cheese on Scottish islands has long been practised as a way of conserving the rich plentiful milk which the cows produce in spring and early summer when the grass is growing. No cheese is made with fresher milk than this – as the cows are milked their milk is taken directly to the cheese-making vat where the cheese-making process starts. By keeping complete control over the production and care of the milk, the farm avoids the need for pasteurisation, which they believe alters the flavour of the cheese. It is kept as natural as possible with no flavours or colours added (you may notice the colour varies throughout the year as the cows’ diet changes through the seasons).

Equally at home on the cheeseboard or used to make the best ever Mac & Cheese, we hope you love Isle of Mull Cheddar as much as we do (ps. it’s great in a lobster thermidor too!)

Price is for a 200g wedge.