It has been hotly debated, as to whether it was the Romans, or the Normans who introduced pheasant to Britain. A native of Asia, over the centuries pheasant have settled into woodland and hillside homes and are common throughout the land.

Once considered an essential component of feasting on Medieval tables, populations and popularity dwindled until a revival under Victorian botanists and collectors.  Today, pheasant can at times have a controversial place at the table, with wild populations being boosted prior to the shooting season which runs from October to February.  However, we see pheasant as an ethical and underrated meat, we hope that you agree.

Lean, tasty and very versatile, pheasant makes a wonderful change to ubiquitous chicken.  Wonderful in casseroles and pies, or wrapped in bacon and roasted.  Try pot roasting with root vegetables and thyme in cider. Or simply pan fry the breasts in butter and deglaze with sherry, it takes minutes.  Be careful not to overcook, and do watch out for shot.

Our pheasants are ethically sourced from farms and estates in the Upper Tweed Valley and Scottish Borders.  Expertly prepared, not hung for long, with a subtle, not overly gamey flavour.

You can choose from a single oven ready bird, a brace, or pheasant breasts.

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