Red Deer Venison


We consider venison to be one of the most ethical meats there is. Red deer are plentiful and the process of managing the herds on the Highland estates yields the most fantastic meat, produced from animals that have led free, natural lives. Red deer are never far from visibility on Mull: as we fish from our boat we often see them grazing on the hillsides and in autumn we hear the eerie, lonely sound of the stags roaring their mating calls. The process of stalking weeds out the less strong members of the herd and keeps the populations under control, so eating venison is ensuring there is no waste.

Venison is a lean, dark meat which is healthy and full of flavour. It can substitute beef in most recipes and has a character and flavour all of its own.

Our range includes top quality venison tenderloin (can be cut into steaks and pan fried or roasted – approx. 600g, serves 4 people), venison steaks (packs of 2, approx. 125g each) and diced venison, perfect for stews (approx. 300g pack)

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