We are having a pause! With restaurants having returned we are overwhelmed by extreme busy-ness and have made the decision to pause our home deliveries for a period to allow us to stabilize and get better systems up and running.

Rope Grown Mussels


We source our mussels from the Isle of Mull and the Shetland Islands where they are produced by award-winning mussel farms. Using no chemicals or feed, these blue shell mussels are grown on ropes suspended in pristine Grade A sea water. They have a plump, firm texture and a sweet, fresh flavour straight from the sea. Perfect for a classic moules marinier!

Our price is for a 2kg bag.

All effort will be made to supply your shellfish – however as a live catch which is subject to the variables of weather and fishing there may be times when we are obliged to cancel or postpone your order.