Dive caught scallops our way!

Our dived scallops are so wonderfully fresh and sweet, they need only the simplest of treatment.  This is how we have them at home.  The kids love them too!

Serves 4 as a starter

8 medium dived scallops
Knob of butter
Sunflower oil
1 garlic clove – roughly chopped
Sea salt
Squeeze of lemon juice
Rocket or other green salad leaves and balsamic vinegar to serve

Place a heavy based frying pan on a medium heat.  If necessary remove white scallop meat and roe from the shell.  Wash and pat dry, then rub all over with sunflower oil.  Season with a light dusting of salt.

When the pan is very hot (almost smoking) place scallops in it flat side down, well spaced out.  Cook until they are opaque half way bup, then turn and do the same on the other side.

Push the chopped garlic into the knob of butter and drop it back into the pan.  As the butter melts, spoon over the scallops.  Remove from the heat and add a generous squeeze of lemon juice.

Place a small handfull  of rocket on a plate and drizzle with a few drops of balsamic vinegar.  Place scallops on top and serve immediately with a wedge of lemon.  Enjoy!