‘Scallops with Stornoway Black Pudding’ by Dougie Roberts, Head Chef at the Witchery

Seared hand dived Isle of Mull scallops with grilled Stornoway black pudding. As devised by Douglas Roberts, Head Chef at the Witchery.

Serves 2 as a starter


6 medium hand dived king scallops
2 slices of Stornoway black pudding
Olive oil
Malden sea salt
Pea shoots
1 large orange


1. open the scallops, carefully remove the skirt and guts and discard, leaving only the white muscle.

2. soak the scallop muscle in iced water for a few minutes, take out and pat dry

3. zest the orange and set aside, squeeze ½ the orange juice and set aside

4. place the 2 slices of black pudding under the grill for a few minutes and keep warm

5. meanwhile heat a non stick frying pan until very hot

6. lightly toss the scallops in a little olive oil and season with sea salt

7. carefully place the scallops in the pan imagining the pan as a clock face, start at 12 and place the scallops in a clockwise movement, once you have reached 12 again, carefully turn the scallops over using a pallet knife

8. once they have all been turned leave in the pan for approx 1 minute

9. place the black pudding on a warmed plate, take the scallop pan off the heat, add the orange zest and juice, toss the scallops

10. arrange the scallops on top of the black pudding spoon any juice over the scallops and garnish with pea shoots